First….deep thoughts….

"The Earth has music for those who listen"--William Shakespeare

This quote came to me in a Mother's Day card from my own mother.  When I read it the first thing that came to mind is how this is a perfect way to describe me and  my work as a photographer.  I feel moved by wonderful photography the way many people are moved by beautiful music.  You can feel it in your very core when all the elements of a photo come together.   I see beautiful photos, light and moments everywhere I look.  Photography allows you to remember, reflect and relive your life. I would love to make beautiful photos for your family that not only allow you to remember how you looked but also how you felt during this time in your life.


1. I love lists  2. I'm a huge fan of the color turquoise.  3. I am a Mama of 3 tiny humans; two crazy boys and one sweet, wild child girl.  4.I grew up on the same lake the movie What About Bob was filmed. (It is actually in Virginia not in New Jersey as they say in the movie).  5. I got married in Las Vegas, but we did not elope.  6. I am one of 4 'kids' and love the energy and chaos that comes with big families.  7.I love the number 7. 8.In back to back years LeBron James and I shared the honor of being named NBA's 'Rookie of the Year'…. my award came on the business end, they don't cover that on ESPN. 9.I was once a state park ranger at the above mentioned lake. 10.  I love that my nieces and nephew call me Auntie Meggie.  It has now become a habit that I refer to myself as "Meggie' for small children - so chances are that is what your kids will call me too!  



Thank you for taking a moment to get to know a little about me!  Contact me to book your family, newborn, child, maternity, individual or event session.  I am based out of Edmonds, Washington serving the greater Seattle area.