366 Project February Week 3

President's Day off from school meant hitting up a rainforest hike with friends.  Lots of local park action, beach time to capture some more images for my class while the sun was out, going to Build A Bear Workshop as a reward for C becoming 100% potty trained!!  Sadly ending the week with one sick little dude.

366 Project February Week 2

This week marked the start of a fantastic online workshop for me with one of my favorite Photographers, Summer Murdock.  Her workshop, The Magic of Light, was wonderful.  Not all images these next few weeks reflect what I was learning (because, let's be honest, it is February, in Seattle and the light is hardly 'magic').  However, I did get super lucky a few days - including this amazing sunset over the pier at our beloved Edmonds waterfront.

366 Project February Week 1

Oh Seattle in February, I hate you.  So glad we got to sneak out of town (KID FREE) to go to San Francisco for a little fun in the sun with my sibs.  Though dreary, we still managed some fun energetic shots this week!

366 Project January Week 4

Final week in January plus a day!! New website for MHP, my office moved upstairs due to a flooding basement, a sick baby girl, so many puzzles, pokemon, lots of jumping not he bed and a snuggle with mama.