2018 Auction Photos - For Sale Now!

100% of proceeds will benefit the Auction. 

Hello HR Families, 

As we were preparing for the annual auction, we took photos of all the children a few weeks ago! We take these photos every year and many of them go unclaimed. This year we wanted to be sure you all had the chance to purchase your child's photo and participate in the "2018 That's Amore Auction" whether you were able to attend the big event last week or not!



All photos are available this year to view online to order additional prints or the digital files.

To order your child(ren)'s photos visit: https://meganhooks.shootproof.com/HR

Owning the digital download of your child's image is the only way to share the image online.*  

*When you purchase two (2) ore more digital files - you'll receive an additional 10% off.* 



*Online ordering deadline is MARCH 1st.  Following that Deadline the photos will be ordered in one large group.  In 2-3 weeks following that the photos will come home to you in your family folders. 

*Please do not screenshot or iPhone snap photos of these images.  

*Kids are making heart shapes with their hands as part of the "That's Amore" Auction theme.