Lulo&Co Studio

Business Plan Overview

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Products & Services

LuLo&Co Studio is a beautiful studio space in Edmonds, WA for photographers, artists and creators. The studio is filled with light from large north facing windows, gorgeous hardwood floors and full of curated backdrops and furnishings for photo shoots, workshops and educational events. The space can also easily be transformed from a blank canvas to bring our client’s vision to life.

Clients will have three choices in membership to work in this space. Office Membership will include the use of one of the two offices spaces that this location uniquely offers. Office Members will commit to a monthly fee for 12, 24 or 36 months. Studio Membership will allow creatives to book a certain number of hours to use the space each month for their creatives needs. Studio Members will commit to a monthly fee for 6, 12 or 24 months. Finally, the space will be offered at a premium hourly rate to creators who need occasional space for photoshoots, workshops and events.

LuLo&Co Studio offers a unique proposition to customers due to its great location, ease of access and perfect combination of light and aesthetic. Located in beautiful downtown Edmonds, we offer the classic urban feel with the ease of small town access. Photographers in the greater Seattle area seeking a natural light studio spaces with a similar feel are limited to the heart of the Pioneer Square or SODO areas. There is nothing like this space between SODO and Everett. Offering a space to the 100s of photographers and creators in this area in Edmonds is a perfect bridge to the gap in the market.

In addition to LuLo&Co Studio becoming a premier membership based business, established Edmonds photographer, Megan Hooks Photography, will use the space to provide incremental business to her already thriving company of five years. Megan plans to expand her family, newborn and small business branding portfolio by offering year round availability to her growing client list.


Lulo&Co Studio’s main target audience will be photographers followed by creators, teachers, therapists and event planners. Examples of businesses currently interested in membership with LuLo&Co:

  • Photographers - client sessions, small business branding, product photography, social media engagement, product sales meetings and educational workshops.

  • Floral Designers - client presentations, design set ups, educational workshops, creative gathering events.

  • Calligrapher - ongoing classes for adults and children.

  • Childbirth Educator - ongoing classes for groups of expectant parents.

  • Therapist - monthly art therapy space, group therapy and mindfulness retreats.

  • Yoga - ongoing yoga classes.

  • Artists - workshops and pop up shops on Art Walk Edmonds evenings.



Sales and Marketing

This space will be used to create beautiful images, ideal for a strong presence on social media. With this presence, in combination with word of mouth in tight-knit artist communities as well as the downtown Edmonds community, the marketing of LuLo&Co Studio will experience high visibility to our target market.


  • Soft Studio Open House #1 - We will bring in all parties with initial interest in Studio Membership before setting up officially in the space.

  • Studio Open House #2. After setting up our basic space, LuLo&Co will invite a larger group of potential Studio Members and Office Members to tour the space. We will set the studio up with several different options for members to preview including an invitation to photograph models and products. This will be done with heavy incentives for attendees to share images and experiences of the studio on social media. All surrounding local downtown Edmonds business will also be invited to attend and participate.

  • Megan Hooks Photography will offer Fall Sessions immediately to her client base in the new studio space. This indoor space will immediately enhance service offerings during the busiest season for family photography. Sessions will be offered October through early December each week. This is something clients ask for each year but the Pacific Northwest weather never allows. Following the ‘busy season’, Megan will also be designing incentives for current and new clients to book sessions with her year round in the new space where weather is no longer a factor.

LuLo&Co will have a coordinated social media presence, website and email database. Daily marketing and photo sharing will keep our studio top of mind for potential members. A monthly newsletter will go out to show off all the wonderful business happening at our studio. For the first year we will invite our target audience to come experience the studio as much as possible through open house events and with curated speakers and meet ups that will spark their interest. We believe by creating a community around a space, membership will be a natural progression.

Megan Hooks Photography is an established brand and name in the local photography community. As an active member of numerous industry groups, Megan will have many avenues to advertise this space to the Greater Seattle photography community.

LuLo&Co Studio will enjoy the benefits of being part of a thriving downtown of businesses and events. Promoting artists, creating and learning is in line with Edmonds’ new art district designation. We are looking forward to being part of the established events such as Art Walk Edmonds, Saturday Farmer’s Markets, Downtown holiday events, festivals, Localvore and more.


Business Operations

LuLo&Co Studio will be owned and operated by Megan Hooks Photography. Megan Hooks has been a profitable Edmonds business owner for the last five years and has seen consistent growth in that time. With the addition of this new, indoor studio space Megan’s business operations will see revenue growth in two areas. First, Megan Hooks Photography will experience growth with a greater service offering to her clients with year round access to an indoor space. In addition to her current work, having an established, consistent environment will allow her to take on more business to business clients seeking branding images, professional headshots and styled shoots. The second area of revenue growth will come from creating a turn key space for other creators as outlined above. Revenue will come in the form of monthly membership fees and hourly rentals.

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About Megan

Megan Hooks has been an Edmonds resident for 7 years and loves the chance to live and work in this great city. Megan has built her photography business solely by word of mouth marketing and by delivering excellent customer service and high quality artistry in her work. She thrives at the chance to network with other small business owners and create synergistic relationships. As a mom of three school aged kids, she believes in the balance of hard work and family time. LuLo&Co Studio has been a dream of Megan’s since first touring this space several years ago.