In Memory of Maddy

This spring this family booked a mini session with me and asked if they could bring her dogs.  Santa had just brought them Saydee - that giant poof of a 'puppy' you see here and their sweet 15 year old Maddy.  My friend was sure Maddy's end was near and she wanted to make sure to get photos of their beloved and loyal friend.  I was so sad to hear Maddy passed away shortly after this shoot.  This family was so happy they made the decision to have photos with their sweet friend.  

I got this note from my friend and it brought a tear to my eye: 

"Sweet Maddy went gracefully and calmly on July 29th 2016 after fifteen fabulous years!  She was a great dog and was a true blessing to our family.  We are so grateful we asked the amazingly talented, patient, kind hearted photographer Megan Hooks to take a family picture with our darling Maddy and new puppy Saydee before  loosing Miss Maddy (which we knew was quickly approaching). Thank you Megan Hooks!!!!"

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