Welcome Sweet City GIRL!!

Hi Friends, you may remember my super awesome, super quick downtown urban maternity session from this spring?  If not - click here to see the City Baby shoot. Well, the baby is a GIRL! (I had ALL my bets on girl by the way - winner).  Something even more fun was that she was born the same day as my sweet little girl - birthday twins are the best.

It was another fun session with my dear friends and their sweet new bundle.  Walking into all the 'new' that is the home of a newborn is such a gift.

2014 minis -8814
mia 1
2014 minis -8696
2014 minis -8822
2014 minis -8807
2014 minis -8787
2014 minis -8763
mia 2
2014 minis -8847
2014 minis -8827
mia 3
2014 minis -8860

Fields of Gold

Sometimes there are people you meet in your life you feel like you just can't thank enough.  Mary is one of those people for me.  She is a dear friend but also a great teacher and mentor. She helped me rediscover my love of photography and gave me the tools I needed to create the images I dreamed of making.  This summer night with her family was pure magic.  Thank you Mary for all of your support and kindness.  And thank you for having such a beautiful family to fill the pages of my portfolio! 20140524-IMG_008820140524-IMG_9989mary blog post220140524-IMG_026720140524-IMG_009720140524-IMG_030220140524-IMG_0450


20140524-IMG_023720140524-IMG_041020140524-IMG_0177 20140524-IMG_0351