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Summer Schedule Is Here! Top 5 Reasons For Summer Family Photos

The Top 5 Reasons for Summer Family Photos

While it is no secret that, hands down, Fall is the busiest time for family photographers, those sweet summer days are a strong second.  Not much has changed since I was a kid - I quite literally LIVE for summer.  Everything about summer fits my personality, warm weather, swimming, freedom of the rigors of the school year, family time, staying up too late, watermelon....I could go on forever....but I'll narrow it to five. Here we go: 

1. Sun Kissed Skin and Hair, Sundresses, Short Sleeves and Sandals

Raise your hand if you remember squeezing lemon juice in your hair as a teen (or maybe even Sun-IN?)  While we, as a generation, tend to exercise a bit more caution in the sun these days, there's no denying that most people, especially kids, are sporting a healthy glow in the summer.  I personally love having my photos taken in the sunny months to take advantage of how I feel with a little color on my cheeks.  What little girl doesn't love twirling in the summer breeze in her favorite summer dress while her little brother kicks off his sandals to dip his toes in the water?  

2. Schedule and Flexibility

Like I mentioned before, FALL  is the busiest time of year for me and it is also the most difficult to get on my books! (Not to mention all the praying to weather gods).   I have opened up the summer schedule this year in a new way.  Book the week or weekend you want to shoot and we'll find a day that works best of US!  I know summer is busy with travel, camps, visitors and ferry rides - but by booking a flexible date with me and we can work together to find the best time to have our shoot!  

3. Weather!!

Maybe this should have been #1!  While we have some pretty great and predictable weather through September and sometimes into October, our Summers here in the Pacific Northwest are truly magnificent.  The quality of light is so warm and I cherish the richness of summertime images. 

4. Creative Locations

The summer opens up so many possibilities for additional locations.  Whether it is riding a ferry boat or making a snow-free drive up to the mountains or wading in a creek, there are just some things that can only be done in the summer.  Let's get creative!  Where should we go for your shoot this year? 

5. Family Connection

While it is my goal to capture family connection all year round, there's something particularly special about summer.  It is a time of transition and anticipation.  It is a time of togetherness and throwing caution to the wind (hello late nights and long road trips).  I love to hear about the accomplishments of the past school year  and the excitement for what's to come after we say goodbye to summer when it leaves us long before we're ready.  (Hint - this is when I get some GREAT expressions from kids telling me all their life updates!) 

Sigh....I'm so excited for summer !  Who's with me??