Personal Project: 10 on 10 February: Shower Time

Round two of my 10 on 10 project.  As I mentioned last month I'm participating in a project of putting together a collection of 10 images each month.  This month I've revisited an exact project I did with my first son Luca upon Milo's request.  Of course, ANY chance I get to have a wiling participant in a photo project, I take it!  I looked up how long it had been since that previous shoot, and as it turns out Luca was almost exactly Milo's age (6 and 1/2).  So, I supposed this is a streak and I'll need to make a note in my calendar to do the same with Coco in a couple years.  Enjoy these images and to check out a few of the ladies also participating in this project click over to my dear friend Janeen's page and then follow the links to all our projects.