Day In the Life: Coco Turns 2

Last week our baby girl turned the big 0-2.  She embodies the classic two-year-old persona.  She's persistent, loves the word 'no', she tests every boundary.  She's funny, feisty and sweet.  She loves snuggles, tackles from her brothers, loves to climb, sing and dance.  I didn't start the day thinking I'd be doing a full day in the life account of her birthday, but the day turned out pretty well documented. We started with a the surprise of Dad staying home to make his delicious strawberry-bananna pancakes.  She opened a few gifts and sent big brother Luca off to school.  Then we headed out to Pump It Up - a fun indoor bounce house mecca.  (No photos here, we were too busy bouncing).  Then we said goodbye to Dad and spent the rest of the day at the park, testing out her new scooter,  playing babies with her brothers, eating cake with our neighbors stopping in for a visit and a gift, bath and bedtime stories.  We had a wonderful day all around.  I'm so thankful I get to be her Mama and can't wait to see where year three takes her.


Coming Soon: City Baby

Have you ever had that friend? The one who tells you she and her husband are expecting a baby and your eyes just start pouring tears of happiness? Well, this is that one.  These two did the world's fastest and most fun, urban maternity shoot (really, this was about 10 minutes of our day).  I can't wait to meet this little bundle! He or she (I'm putting my money on SHE), will be the luckiest city kid in town to have these fun, silly, smart, goofy people as parents.


Photo A Day March Challenge: Week 4 ++

Have you ever had that friend? The one who tells you she and her husband are expecting a baby and your eyes just start pouring tears of happiness? Well, this is that one.  These two did the world's fastest and most fun, urban maternity shoot (really, this was about 10 minutes of our day).  I can't wait to meet this little bundle! He or she (I'm putting my money on SHE), will be the luckiest city kid in town to have these fun, silly, smart, goofy people as parents.


Photo a Day March Challenge: Week 2

Week two of my Mamas With Cameras photo a day started with a few days in the Las Vegas desert.  I did a commercial shoot and caught a few selfies with the amazingly reflective glass windows with the beautiful blue sky as a backdrop.  Then to a couple days at home with some Lensbaby experiments and ending out the week with a visit from my brother and sister in law and niece.


New and Perfect

Since I've been photographing families besides my own, I've been asked several times what kind of photography I like best.  Most people follow that up quickly with at guess of "do you like the babies the best?"  I still don't know if I have an answer, I like photographing all kids of people, big and small, but there is something special and even magical about newborns.  I have the chance to step foot into a home where everything is new, not just the baby.  I get to witness newborn parents at work and this is equally as heartwarming as the tiny human everyone can't stop staring at! This little dude's parents worked together like such a good team and seemed so at peace with with their newly born titles of "Mom" and "Dad."  I feel so lucky to capture these sweet moments in hopes that one day this little man will know how loved and well cared for he was and how happy his parents were have him in their arms.    Welcome little one!!! 


Photo A Day March Challenge: Week 1

Last month had the honor of speaking to a wonderful group of women who love photography as much as I do.  Mamas with Cameras is a local camera club in Seattle, WA offering free monthly meet ups and workshops for women.  I almost couldn't believe that they wanted to hear from me and about my 365 Project that I completed last Fall.  Once I said yes, I began preparing right away for my talk.   It forced me to really dive deep into my photography work over the past year, examine how much progression I had made and how much more I want to go.  I can not be more thankful for this self evaluating opportunity that I was given to me by sharing my thoughts with others.  Preparing for this talk has been one of the most valuable things I've done so far in my photography education. One of the jobs of the monthly speaker is to come up with an assignment for the group to complete for the next month.  I challenged the group to participate in daily shooting for the month of March.  I secretly did this as an excuse to force myself to pick up my camera daily again. My 365 Project is now four months gone and I have really missed the daily exercise of shooting my life.  So, here we go, Week 1: March 1-7, 2015.  This week includes a few 'firsts' for me and my family.  First use of my new Lensbaby Sweet 35.  (Photo 1), First tooth lost by my first child, and the first few days living life 'binky free' for 'baby' Coco (Photo 7).   Enjoy!


February: 5 Minute Project, Shower Time

I recently had the privilege of speaking to a Mama's With Cameras, group of camera loving mamas about completing my 365 photo a day for a year project.  It made me realized how much I missed having an ongoing project.  So, I took my own advice and decided to keep it simple and participate in a photo project that I've been following along with called The 5 Minute Project.  It is as simple as that - a little snippet of life captured in no more than 5 minutes.  It shows how much creativity can be achieved in such a short amount of time. For my first entry, I've included a recent 5 minute session I had with my oldest son.  Our downstairs shower is the only non renovated room in our 1960's home.  As it turns out, this bathroom has my favorite finishes in the entire house with its mint green tile and wonky glass shower door. (Renovations done by previous owner!).  His favorite activity in this shower is washing the glass - so I decided to capture that in 5 minutes time.   20150222-IMG_993320150222-IMG_992520150222-IMG_993220150222-IMG_992820150222-IMG_995320150222-IMG_995220150222-IMG_995420150222-IMG_995520150222-IMG_9951shower blog20150222-IMG_994220150222-IMG_994420150222-IMG_994120150222-IMG_992720150222-IMG_9924

Sister, Sister

This family was my first official client I'd never met.  I walked into their home on our photoshoot day and met them for the first time.  It was within 30 seconds the girls were showing me their favorite toys on their desks and we were fast friends.  After leaving our fun  morning together and looking though their gallery I felt like I had done my job of capturing the personalities of these two sweet girls.  They are fun, smart and silly. They like to wrestle, run, play and are beloved by their parents. 20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-2

20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-6

20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-920141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-1520141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-1620141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-19girls upstairs

girls on a rug 4 photos20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-31blue wall20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-34

leaves20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-4520141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-5120141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-52-220141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-60playground

The Family Home

This summer we had the privilege of being invited out to he childhood home of our good friend and neighbor.  We had planned on doing a summer photo family session so we just waited until this weekend so we could have the backdrop of this gorgeous place.  EVERYTHING on this property was built, by hand, by my friend's parents - including the log cabin home she grew up in.  Every inch was taken care of with some much love, hard work, heart and spirit from the guest house affectionally called "The Bunkie" to the deck around the pool that was literally being constructed as our kids swam the day away.  What a treasure this place is for this family to come together remember their past, reflect on what they built together over time and create new memories with the next generation. 20140719-IMG_3600


20140719-IMG_3484clara jeanette spin20140719-IMG_364620140719-IMG_3641

20140719-IMG_371820140719-IMG_3719Clara Blog Post20140719-IMG_3701steve and Jeanet20140719-IMG_3784

Fields of Gold

Sometimes there are people you meet in your life you feel like you just can't thank enough.  Mary is one of those people for me.  She is a dear friend but also a great teacher and mentor. She helped me rediscover my love of photography and gave me the tools I needed to create the images I dreamed of making.  This summer night with her family was pure magic.  Thank you Mary for all of your support and kindness.  And thank you for having such a beautiful family to fill the pages of my portfolio! 20140524-IMG_008820140524-IMG_9989mary blog post220140524-IMG_026720140524-IMG_009720140524-IMG_030220140524-IMG_0450


20140524-IMG_023720140524-IMG_041020140524-IMG_0177 20140524-IMG_0351

Waiting for Baby #4

This lovely lady used the second picture down to announce her fourth pregnancy to the world…on April 1st!! Friends had a fun time trying to figure out of this mama's amazing sense of humor was playing tricks on them or not.  It was super fun to part of the plot and photograph this awesome  family. 20140330-IMG_2769

wynne blog post20140330-IMG_2754-2

wynne blog post 2





The Family That Plays Together….

My dear friend wanted me to spend the morning with the family documenting what a typical weekend morning looked like for them.  I was thrilled at the chance to do a mini "Day in the Life" session with these guys.  Right away the kids greeted me at the door in their PJs just as they were finishing up breakfast.  While we also got a few fun posed family photos, it was just them, having fun and I was just along for the ride.  Thanks D Family for a lovely morning! ruby side by side


20140510-IMG_6591xmand side


dosantos tree walkdossantos stairsdossantos playground20140510-IMG_692720140510-IMG_6899

dossantos xman