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Personal Project: 10 on 10 February: Shower Time

Round two of my 10 on 10 project.  As I mentioned last month I'm participating in a project of putting together a collection of 10 images each month.  This month I've revisited an exact project I did with my first son Luca upon Milo's request.  Of course, ANY chance I get to have a wiling participant in a photo project, I take it!  I looked up how long it had been since that previous shoot, and as it turns out Luca was almost exactly Milo's age (6 and 1/2).  So, I supposed this is a streak and I'll need to make a note in my calendar to do the same with Coco in a couple years.  Enjoy these images and to check out a few of the ladies also participating in this project click over to my dear friend Janeen's page and then follow the links to all our projects. 


Personal Project: 10 on 10 January : A New Year's Day Neighborhood Walk

Happy New Year! Like everyone else in the world, I see the start of a new year as a time to make a fresh start, get back to setting goals, eating better after the holiday deluge and of course, reevaluating my photography dreams both personally and as a small business owner.  I'm feeling very accomplished and fulfilled on the business side of things, but I've really felt a little hole in my world where my personal photography has really dropped off in the last year or so.  So - January is acting as the start line for two major projects for 2018 to encourage more personal work, to continue to improve my technical skills and to get back to documenting life not just trying to take a gorgeous single photo for my instagram feed.  I want to remember I'm 'IN THE THICK OF IT' as a parent of young children.  This crazy time is zooming by and with my oldest child half way to his 18th birthday, it is very clear to me I want to do all I can to hold on to the memories of this phase of life.  

The first project will be one I've done before and have seen so much grown in my work as a result.  I will be doing a 365 project in 2018, one photo a day for the entire year. I plan only to post on Instagram to my PERSONAL feed for this project -please feel free to follow here ---->  As a compliment to that, I'll be posting here, on this blog, once a month the next project I'm doing - 10 on 10.  10 photos (oops, I've already cheated, there are 12 here, rules are meant to be broken right?) of a single event or subject.  I'm particularly excited about this one for two reasons.  First, it will encourage me to put together small stories like the one below and, again, not just be looking for the jackpot photo that 'wins' the day for my 365. (See my 1/365 photo on instagram  to see the photo from this same day no included here)   Second, I'm doing this project with an awesome group of photographers.  It is always fun to have accountability, company and inspiration with a group like this and I'm so excited to follow along with this group to see what we all come up with each month.  

To check out the other photographers in the project go to the next photographer up:  visit: Jessie Wixon Photograph at  and then follow the loop around back to me!! 

Now, January - a New Year's Day Neighborhood Walk.  Within a half mile or so of our house we found a lot of adventure on a blue sky New Year's Day walk. It was very very cold, but we had to get out to enjoy the last few moments of the sunshine on the first day of a new year.  A family goal this year is to take more walks around our sweet town, it sounds easy, but there's always a reason to put it off.  We headed to the 'blue park' but on the way we found some palm tree branches (this is unique on a Pacific NW January day) and a puddle.  After that fun, we hit the park where it quickly turned into a game of kids attack Dad where Andrew suffered a crushing defeat.   After lots of running, hiding, and hat/glove/sweatshirt stealing, we headed back.  The kids couldn't resist one more round of palm branch in the puddle before the sunset.  Happy New Year to all and cheers to all your goals, big and small. 


"But Mama, Is it REAL?" : 3 Tips For REAL Family Photos

A few months ago I was came across the trailer for the new Planet Earth II and was delighted to show it to my kids.  We’ve worn the DVDs out of the original Planet Earth from 2006, before my first was born.   The new trailer was spectacular with camera angles that baffle the mind.  After watching it, my 5-year-old looked really confused.  He kept asking over and over “But Mama, is it REAL though?”  I kept telling him yes, it was.  He didn’t change the question, he just got louder and louder (as he often does) and I realized he was questioning whether or not the footage was altered or perhaps even CG.  

We live in a time when our kids have have abundant access to photoshopped images, crazy amazing computer graphics, and apps on our phones that smooth skin, enlarge eyes or even give humans dog ears.  Our kids have to decipher whether or not everything they see is REAL way more than we ever could have dreamed of as kids.  Honestly, I find that exhausting and can’t imagine growing up in such a confusing world.  So why not offer as much REAL content as we can provide them.  


Why am I talking about this with relation to getting ready for you photo shoot?  Because I want your family to look at the images from our shoot and SEE the reality of the moment - not just smiles for the camera and perfect outfits.   I am not a documentary photographer, your session is guided by me, but only YOU can create authentic interactions with your family and capturing those moments is my gift and why you hired me.  I believe a little mental prep goes a long way when getting ready for our session. 

So what can we do to prepare for a session that captures REAL moments, true smiles, laughter and love?  Take a few minutes and read over these 3 tips and you’ll be more than ready for our time together.  

1. TELL THEM WHY: Tell your children (and partner) before our time together what we’re doing, what the goal is: not only to have some nice family photos, but to capture memories for your family. Tell them WHY these photos are important to you. I’m going to reveal the true cheese ball that I am here but in the last couple of years I’ve had two amazing sessions that both went beyond great.  I told my kids that the photographer wasn’t actually taking pictures of our bodies - she was trying to take pictures of our LOVE.  So I wanted them to show her how we show love to each other.  SO CHEESY right?  Well, it worked like a charm.  We went through all the ways we show love, hugging, kissing, laughing, being a good listener, holding hands, high fives and so on.  Having all your energy focus on love and not compliance can be a game changer.  It changes the position of what we’re doing from a chore (usually for Mom) to a family activity.  I know this is such an idealistic way to think of this - there are things like temperament, age and stress that come into play - but think of this as a calming baseline.  If your kids are too young to have this conversation (I'd try it with kids 1 and over), have this conversation with yourself and partner before the session.  

2. LET THEM BE KIDS! I know there is a fine line between letting the kids run the shoot and letting them be free to explore and have authentic moments.   So let’s work together on this.  Tell them there will be moments that I will ask them to participate, play games, snuggle their parents and siblings, but there will also be moments when we can play and explore.  Try not to direct them too much, leave that to me. The hardest thing for kids can be having too many grown ups shouting out directions. 

3. BE YOU!  Who are you and your family? What do you enjoy doing together when you’re not in front of the camera?  Do you adventure? GREAT - let’s do that. Photoshoots don’t have to be at beaches or parks, we could ride a ferry, go to the zoo, go on a hike, be tourist downtown, chop down a Christmas Tree, hunt for Pumpkins at a patch, the list goes on and on.  Do you have dance parties? GREAT!! Let’s bring some music and dance it out during your session!  Are you homebodies? GREAT! Let’s do an in home session, I adore these, I can capture great family shots, but also photos of your family in your REAL everyday environment, playing games, jumping on beds, making food together.  Even better, combine all of the above!  Again - we’re trying to keep it REAL right? 

I want our time together to be awesome, I want your images to make you smile, allow you remember and be true artifacts of your family history.  I want your great great grandchildren to see these photos and have a sense of who you were and what it was like to be a part of your family.  I’m ready to capture your love, thank you for taking the time to prepare it.  

Footnotes and Confessions: 

All Footnote images by the amazing  Elena S. Blair  - photo above is me cleaning up my daughters's mid-session nose bleed.  This was also just moments before my son barfed all over the ally. I've seen and experienced A LOT! From one parent to another, we got this.  

All Footnote images by the amazing Elena S. Blair - photo above is me cleaning up my daughters's mid-session nose bleed.  This was also just moments before my son barfed all over the ally. I've seen and experienced A LOT! From one parent to another, we got this.  

I KNOW so much of this blog post is, again, idealistic.  I know that.  My stress level before my first photo shoot was off the charts.  I worried about my kids being crazy and non compliant. I worried about my husband being (and looking) bored.  I worried about coming across as frazzled and angry in my photos.  But once I really thought about the families I photograph and the sessions that have been pure magic, I realized it all came down to state of mind.  I used that to talk myself off the ledge and really focus on what I wanted my results to be.  I applied the three above tips as well as these funky little tips that helped me. 1. Try the Headspace app.  I’ll keep this unpaid endorsement short and say it’s awesome - 10 minutes of quiet a day does a body (and mind) good. 2. If your kids are driving you crazy or you’re having a hard parenting day, take 2 minutes before you go to bed to sneak in and watch them sleep.  This was a tip from my co-op parent educator I use often. Seeing their peaceful little faces is a great reminder of all that is magical about childhood and parenthood.  3.  Check their (and your) sleep.  I’m so bad at this - I stay up too late and it really can do a number on stress and anxiety for your shoot.  Make sure the week leading up to our shoot that your family practices your best possible sleeping habits. 

elenasblair_photography_seattle_hooks (164).jpg
elenasblair_photography_seattle_hooks (219).jpg

Let's make this a two way conversation! Did you connect or relate with something about this post - let me know! Share your experiences - how will you prepare for your photoshoot with me each year?  Leave a comment below! 

Luca and I had so much fun with creating some un-real images, it was too easy - and I'll admit, pretty fun.  

Luca and I had so much fun with creating some un-real images, it was too easy - and I'll admit, pretty fun.  

Day In the Life: Coco Turns 2

Last week our baby girl turned the big 0-2.  She embodies the classic two-year-old persona.  She's persistent, loves the word 'no', she tests every boundary.  She's funny, feisty and sweet.  She loves snuggles, tackles from her brothers, loves to climb, sing and dance.  I didn't start the day thinking I'd be doing a full day in the life account of her birthday, but the day turned out pretty well documented. We started with a the surprise of Dad staying home to make his delicious strawberry-bananna pancakes.  She opened a few gifts and sent big brother Luca off to school.  Then we headed out to Pump It Up - a fun indoor bounce house mecca.  (No photos here, we were too busy bouncing).  Then we said goodbye to Dad and spent the rest of the day at the park, testing out her new scooter,  playing babies with her brothers, eating cake with our neighbors stopping in for a visit and a gift, bath and bedtime stories.  We had a wonderful day all around.  I'm so thankful I get to be her Mama and can't wait to see where year three takes her.


Photo A Day March Challenge: Week 4 ++

Have you ever had that friend? The one who tells you she and her husband are expecting a baby and your eyes just start pouring tears of happiness? Well, this is that one.  These two did the world's fastest and most fun, urban maternity shoot (really, this was about 10 minutes of our day).  I can't wait to meet this little bundle! He or she (I'm putting my money on SHE), will be the luckiest city kid in town to have these fun, silly, smart, goofy people as parents.


Photo a Day March Challenge: Week 2

Week two of my Mamas With Cameras photo a day started with a few days in the Las Vegas desert.  I did a commercial shoot and caught a few selfies with the amazingly reflective glass windows with the beautiful blue sky as a backdrop.  Then to a couple days at home with some Lensbaby experiments and ending out the week with a visit from my brother and sister in law and niece.


Photo A Day March Challenge: Week 1

Last month had the honor of speaking to a wonderful group of women who love photography as much as I do.  Mamas with Cameras is a local camera club in Seattle, WA offering free monthly meet ups and workshops for women.  I almost couldn't believe that they wanted to hear from me and about my 365 Project that I completed last Fall.  Once I said yes, I began preparing right away for my talk.   It forced me to really dive deep into my photography work over the past year, examine how much progression I had made and how much more I want to go.  I can not be more thankful for this self evaluating opportunity that I was given to me by sharing my thoughts with others.  Preparing for this talk has been one of the most valuable things I've done so far in my photography education. One of the jobs of the monthly speaker is to come up with an assignment for the group to complete for the next month.  I challenged the group to participate in daily shooting for the month of March.  I secretly did this as an excuse to force myself to pick up my camera daily again. My 365 Project is now four months gone and I have really missed the daily exercise of shooting my life.  So, here we go, Week 1: March 1-7, 2015.  This week includes a few 'firsts' for me and my family.  First use of my new Lensbaby Sweet 35.  (Photo 1), First tooth lost by my first child, and the first few days living life 'binky free' for 'baby' Coco (Photo 7).   Enjoy!


February: 5 Minute Project, Shower Time

I recently had the privilege of speaking to a Mama's With Cameras, group of camera loving mamas about completing my 365 photo a day for a year project.  It made me realized how much I missed having an ongoing project.  So, I took my own advice and decided to keep it simple and participate in a photo project that I've been following along with called The 5 Minute Project.  It is as simple as that - a little snippet of life captured in no more than 5 minutes.  It shows how much creativity can be achieved in such a short amount of time. For my first entry, I've included a recent 5 minute session I had with my oldest son.  Our downstairs shower is the only non renovated room in our 1960's home.  As it turns out, this bathroom has my favorite finishes in the entire house with its mint green tile and wonky glass shower door. (Renovations done by previous owner!).  His favorite activity in this shower is washing the glass - so I decided to capture that in 5 minutes time.   20150222-IMG_993320150222-IMG_992520150222-IMG_993220150222-IMG_992820150222-IMG_995320150222-IMG_995220150222-IMG_995420150222-IMG_995520150222-IMG_9951shower blog20150222-IMG_994220150222-IMG_994420150222-IMG_994120150222-IMG_992720150222-IMG_9924