Photo A Day March Challenge: Week 1

Last month had the honor of speaking to a wonderful group of women who love photography as much as I do.  Mamas with Cameras is a local camera club in Seattle, WA offering free monthly meet ups and workshops for women.  I almost couldn't believe that they wanted to hear from me and about my 365 Project that I completed last Fall.  Once I said yes, I began preparing right away for my talk.   It forced me to really dive deep into my photography work over the past year, examine how much progression I had made and how much more I want to go.  I can not be more thankful for this self evaluating opportunity that I was given to me by sharing my thoughts with others.  Preparing for this talk has been one of the most valuable things I've done so far in my photography education. One of the jobs of the monthly speaker is to come up with an assignment for the group to complete for the next month.  I challenged the group to participate in daily shooting for the month of March.  I secretly did this as an excuse to force myself to pick up my camera daily again. My 365 Project is now four months gone and I have really missed the daily exercise of shooting my life.  So, here we go, Week 1: March 1-7, 2015.  This week includes a few 'firsts' for me and my family.  First use of my new Lensbaby Sweet 35.  (Photo 1), First tooth lost by my first child, and the first few days living life 'binky free' for 'baby' Coco (Photo 7).   Enjoy!