Sister, Sister

This family was my first official client I'd never met.  I walked into their home on our photoshoot day and met them for the first time.  It was within 30 seconds the girls were showing me their favorite toys on their desks and we were fast friends.  After leaving our fun  morning together and looking though their gallery I felt like I had done my job of capturing the personalities of these two sweet girls.  They are fun, smart and silly. They like to wrestle, run, play and are beloved by their parents. 20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-2

20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-6

20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-920141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-1520141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-1620141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-19girls upstairs

girls on a rug 4 photos20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-31blue wall20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-34

leaves20141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-4520141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-5120141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-52-220141116-Paust Family Nov. 2014-60playground