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Fields of Gold

Sometimes there are people you meet in your life you feel like you just can't thank enough.  Mary is one of those people for me.  She is a dear friend but also a great teacher and mentor. She helped me rediscover my love of photography and gave me the tools I needed to create the images I dreamed of making.  This summer night with her family was pure magic.  Thank you Mary for all of your support and kindness.  And thank you for having such a beautiful family to fill the pages of my portfolio! 20140524-IMG_008820140524-IMG_9989mary blog post220140524-IMG_026720140524-IMG_009720140524-IMG_030220140524-IMG_0450


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The Family That Plays Together….

My dear friend wanted me to spend the morning with the family documenting what a typical weekend morning looked like for them.  I was thrilled at the chance to do a mini "Day in the Life" session with these guys.  Right away the kids greeted me at the door in their PJs just as they were finishing up breakfast.  While we also got a few fun posed family photos, it was just them, having fun and I was just along for the ride.  Thanks D Family for a lovely morning! ruby side by side


20140510-IMG_6591xmand side


dosantos tree walkdossantos stairsdossantos playground20140510-IMG_692720140510-IMG_6899

dossantos xman