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5 Things You Need to Know about In Home Newborn Photography

Every time I get an inquiry or request to book a newborn session two things happen: 1. I get very excited, because I LOVE the babies.  There's truly NO other time in life you experience such a extreme shift ... of everything you know or thought you knew.  I love to document that and I'm so honored to do so.  2. I stress extremely clear expectations for my style of newborn photography just in case they were reaching out without seeing the work as you see below.  I let them know that the session is baby led, in your home and most likely 90% in your arms.  I don't do props, backdrops, beanbags, hats, etc.  That is not my style but if it yours then I'm super happy to recommend some of my amazing colleagues who will blow your mind.  If they're still with me we dive into the details - here's my top 5 favorites that you'd like to know too: 

1. Even Though We Are at home, There's Still Guidance on 'Posing.' 

Don't worry, I won't just be a fly on your wall, I'll guide you and your baby and family members into the best light and direct you on how to move your bodies, your eyes, and hold the baby for the best possible image.  I leave the connection and emotion up to you, that's the easy part.  (But be sure to read THIS blog post if you need help getting in the right frame of mind for you shoot). 

2. Let Go of House / Nursery Perfection.

I hear this a lot "but we don't have a fancy Pinterest house/nursery."  That's totally fine.  Don't get me started on how easy it is to go down the road of wanting to hide under a rock and wallow in our FOMO and our self doubt after one scroll through Instagram or Facebook, its a recipe for a piping hot plate of disappointment.   I can't stress enough that the location of our newborn shoot is meant to be one to to make you feel safe, comfortable and at home with your new family.  I'm there to photograph your CONNECTION - that's why you hired me.  So, don't stress over perfection.  Does it help ascetically to clean up the clutter, put away anything you don't want showing up in your photos? Totally.  I'll be coming into your home and looking for the best LIGHT so make sure you know I could be in any room of your home.  


3.  Plan on the Session Lasting 1-2 Hours.

Like I mentioned above, in home newborn sessions are BABY led.  If baby needs to eat, baby eats. If baby needs a break, we take a break.  Usually this means these sessions can last a while.  When siblings are involved, we also take their lead.  Becoming a big brother or big sister is an amazing time for a little one, but also highly stressful and can need some special attention.  I always try to direct equal attention to the older children and usually acknowledge them before I say hello to the new baby.  

4. Identify What Is Important. 

When I started my first year of college, I was so sure I'd be a journalist. I ended up going a couple different paths, but still consider myself pretty good at reading people and picking up clues.  However, I can't read minds, I don't know your whole life story, hearing from you, specifically, about what is important for me to photograph is so key.  I know I say I don't do props but let's talk about incorporating things or ideas into your shoot that are meaningful to YOU.  Did your late grandma knit a hat for the baby? Did you keep mementoes from the hospital you want photographed? Is it important to have the baby's photo taken in a specific outfit? Let me know!

5. Mom, You.Are.Beautiful. 

Similar to the worries about the perfect home, I hear worries from mom about how she is going to look and feel.  Of course these are valid insecurities, you just gave birth.  But let's take moment to reframe that and really believe it.  You just gave birth.  YOU nourished life inside you! You are amazing and this is who you are right now.  Try and own that, love that. Most importantly, realize that your BABY will one day be a toddler, then a kid, then a teen then an adult.  I'd bet my LIFE on the fact that that when your child looks at these pictures ALL they will see is love, wonderment, connection and the way you looked AT them. They will not judge what you looked like. I promise.  Now that we've worked on getting your mind into the shoot, let's talk happy- mama-logistics.  Wear something you feel comfortable to YOU in even if it is flowy lounge wear.  Make sure to carve out time before the shoot that your partner is 100% on baby-duty so you can get ready, do your make up or whatever rituals help you feel your best.  You got this Mama. 

To book your in home newborn session with me simply click here.  I can't wait to meet you and help welcome your new life into this world.  The newborn days and weeks are so fleeting and honestly darn hard to remember.  Having family newborn photos is one the best investments in your family archives you can make! 

Personal Project: 10 on 10 January : A New Year's Day Neighborhood Walk

Happy New Year! Like everyone else in the world, I see the start of a new year as a time to make a fresh start, get back to setting goals, eating better after the holiday deluge and of course, reevaluating my photography dreams both personally and as a small business owner.  I'm feeling very accomplished and fulfilled on the business side of things, but I've really felt a little hole in my world where my personal photography has really dropped off in the last year or so.  So - January is acting as the start line for two major projects for 2018 to encourage more personal work, to continue to improve my technical skills and to get back to documenting life not just trying to take a gorgeous single photo for my instagram feed.  I want to remember I'm 'IN THE THICK OF IT' as a parent of young children.  This crazy time is zooming by and with my oldest child half way to his 18th birthday, it is very clear to me I want to do all I can to hold on to the memories of this phase of life.  

The first project will be one I've done before and have seen so much grown in my work as a result.  I will be doing a 365 project in 2018, one photo a day for the entire year. I plan only to post on Instagram to my PERSONAL feed for this project -please feel free to follow here ----> www.instgram.com/megan__hooks  As a compliment to that, I'll be posting here, on this blog, once a month the next project I'm doing - 10 on 10.  10 photos (oops, I've already cheated, there are 12 here, rules are meant to be broken right?) of a single event or subject.  I'm particularly excited about this one for two reasons.  First, it will encourage me to put together small stories like the one below and, again, not just be looking for the jackpot photo that 'wins' the day for my 365. (See my 1/365 photo on instagram  to see the photo from this same day no included here)   Second, I'm doing this project with an awesome group of photographers.  It is always fun to have accountability, company and inspiration with a group like this and I'm so excited to follow along with this group to see what we all come up with each month.  

To check out the other photographers in the project go to the next photographer up:  visit: Jessie Wixon Photograph at http://www.jessiewixonphotography.com/...  and then follow the loop around back to me!! 

Now, January - a New Year's Day Neighborhood Walk.  Within a half mile or so of our house we found a lot of adventure on a blue sky New Year's Day walk. It was very very cold, but we had to get out to enjoy the last few moments of the sunshine on the first day of a new year.  A family goal this year is to take more walks around our sweet town, it sounds easy, but there's always a reason to put it off.  We headed to the 'blue park' but on the way we found some palm tree branches (this is unique on a Pacific NW January day) and a puddle.  After that fun, we hit the park where it quickly turned into a game of kids attack Dad where Andrew suffered a crushing defeat.   After lots of running, hiding, and hat/glove/sweatshirt stealing, we headed back.  The kids couldn't resist one more round of palm branch in the puddle before the sunset.  Happy New Year to all and cheers to all your goals, big and small. 


Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

Last year I hit the beach for golden hour with this family to celebrate the couple's 10 year wedding anniversary.  We took photos in the exact spots they had their engagement photos taken the decade before.  This time,  with their two beautiful children.  I love the idea of photos for anniversaries and other family milestones.  And, of course, any session that ends with the kids, on the beach, in the water in their fancy clothes is ALWAYS a winner!  Cheers you two lovebirds!

The Family Home

This summer we had the privilege of being invited out to he childhood home of our good friend and neighbor.  We had planned on doing a summer photo family session so we just waited until this weekend so we could have the backdrop of this gorgeous place.  EVERYTHING on this property was built, by hand, by my friend's parents - including the log cabin home she grew up in.  Every inch was taken care of with some much love, hard work, heart and spirit from the guest house affectionally called "The Bunkie" to the deck around the pool that was literally being constructed as our kids swam the day away.  What a treasure this place is for this family to come together remember their past, reflect on what they built together over time and create new memories with the next generation. 20140719-IMG_3600


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