5 Minute Project

February: 5 Minute Project, Shower Time

I recently had the privilege of speaking to a Mama's With Cameras, group of camera loving mamas about completing my 365 photo a day for a year project.  It made me realized how much I missed having an ongoing project.  So, I took my own advice and decided to keep it simple and participate in a photo project that I've been following along with called The 5 Minute Project.  It is as simple as that - a little snippet of life captured in no more than 5 minutes.  It shows how much creativity can be achieved in such a short amount of time. For my first entry, I've included a recent 5 minute session I had with my oldest son.  Our downstairs shower is the only non renovated room in our 1960's home.  As it turns out, this bathroom has my favorite finishes in the entire house with its mint green tile and wonky glass shower door. (Renovations done by previous owner!).  His favorite activity in this shower is washing the glass - so I decided to capture that in 5 minutes time.   20150222-IMG_993320150222-IMG_992520150222-IMG_993220150222-IMG_992820150222-IMG_995320150222-IMG_995220150222-IMG_995420150222-IMG_995520150222-IMG_9951shower blog20150222-IMG_994220150222-IMG_994420150222-IMG_994120150222-IMG_992720150222-IMG_9924